One of the most special events of your life – your wedding – can be enhanced by celebrating the event for a day or two before the ceremony on a pre-wedding cruise. With delicious, beautifully presented and top professional catering, an extremely able team to look after you and a continually changing backdrop of stunning beauty, you can celebrate on board one of our yachts and catamarans.

Head off to where your dreams lead to one of Phuket’s many nearby palm-fringed islands and let us look after you and your party in grand, tropical style. So get ready for that special day by heading out to sea on a pre-wedding cruise before tying the knot.


cheng i sao

Cheng I Sao is the perfect ship for a pre-wedding cruise in Phuket

Named after a famous Chinese pirate of the early 19th century, Cheng I Sao is a stylish and solid ship to cruise the waters around Phuket Island.
With a capacity of up to 80 guests it features all the facilities to spend a great day on the Andaman Sea. 

The captain and its crew of 11 sailors will be dressed as pirates, and are in charge of the passengers’ well-being and entertainment. All of them have a long experience at sea, and Cheng I Sao is provided with all the safety equipments necessary. We also have several pirate sets of clothes for men and ladies on board, for you to dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow and take back home photos and unforgettable memories! 

A trip on board Cheng I Sao is the promise of an outstanding time filled with fun, adventures in the tropics, hearty food, and fresh drinks. Welcome aboard!

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cheng i sao