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Prepare for a great day of sailing

Each of our catamarans is an ideal place for relaxing, discovering new places or socializing; The group size will determine which yacht is suitable for you, be it eight, twenty or 50 guests, we will recommend for you the catamaran to make it very comfortable, without encroaching on each other’s’ space…

What is a typical day on one of our catamarans?

Relax, Relax, sunbath, sail and discover Phuket, Krabi, Phang Na bay, Phi Phi, or even go further to dive on the Similan islands, or Surin groups and of course you can also snorkel, play cards, read, eat great exotic fruits, enjoy Thai and International food, or a body massage. Scuba diving or fishing expeditions can be arranged while others may prefer sailing, snorkeling or going ashore for village exploration or cross-island hiking.

When to come?

You can enjoy the Andaman Sea all year long, the climate is tropical. Nevertheless you will encounter more wind and rain during the green season from May until October. If you like to have good wind for sailing, this is probably the best time to come. If otherwise you prefer less wind, hot and sunny holidays all day, you might prefer from November until April. Weather is dominated by the monsoon winds that blow from the NE during winter and SW during the summer month.

Who should go?

You can seclude yourself and spend your honey-moon on board, or you can propose to charter it with some of your friends or spend some special days with your relatives! Any combination is possible..

What Budget and package?

When you charter one of our catamarans, you will be renting the boat. The Rates are referring to the price to be paid per day for the full boat. You tell us how many people are in your group, what date you want to go and we give you several suggestions what to experience and which islands to visit.


What should we bring?

This is all you need for an unforgettable sailing holiday!


The climate is tropical, humid and warm. For clothing bring casual wear, mostly shorts and T-shirts, swimsuits, flip-flops or waterproof sandals and good walking footwear for venturing ashore. Long sleeves may be required in the evening sometimes and lightweight longer trousers and sleeves protect you against occasional mosquitoes on shore. If you are travelling in Myanmar (Burma), it would be custom to wear clothes that cover knees and shoulders when visiting villages ashore.

Items to bring

  • For sun protection: a hat and sunscreen that is non oily (oily sunscreens make the decks slippery and also permanently stain cushions, windows, etc).
  • Mosquito spray for going ashore (usually mosquitoes are no problem on the water)
    your own medication (a generic first aid kit is on board)
  • Please bring your beach towel with you.

Snorkeling and diving

Your own mask, snorkel and fins if you’re inclined, but most yachts carry an assortment of sizes. For small children you may want to bring your own small size mask. If you are expecting to scuba dive you are welcome to bring your own equipment, but dive equipment is also available for hire. Please, advise us ahead of your sizes. Tanks, weights and weight belts are always on the dive yachts.

Your bags

If you can, bring only soft-sided luggage such as a duffle bag or backpack, since storage space is limited on any yacht and storage of soft luggage is a lot easier. Also hard luggage can easily damage woodwork and paint.

Oops! If you forget EVERYTHING!

No worries, you can always go to the supermarket nearby and get all what you need before going sailing. You will be amazed to find most of your products at home are available in Phuket.

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