The Porter Family

It is with great pleasure that we give great thanks to our fabulous crew of Amadeus – capt. Ewout, the quiet & efficient Chan and amazing Lak. We are going home richer from our experience and a little heavier from the great food! We could not have wished for anything more on this special Christmas day. Thx all, you were amazing!

We are taking home such wonderful memories of our week aboard. Every day was special


Thanks for al the hard work that you did, so we could be happy and could have fun.

Thank you so much for the amazing experience and great adventures and I wish you all a merry Xmas



Thank you at the team... Formidable...

We will keep exceptional memories and thanks again for the good cook

Severine et Richard


Merci. See you at KoLipe.The Swiss
Yes Again and Again and Again –
It is better and better and better!!!
Perfect boat, perfect crew, perfect food
You are the best, see you soon my friends




Can’t wait to be back!!
3rd trip for me with you
Everything just wonderful…
You will stay in my mind

Blake Family

Ostrander Family

Another fantastic getaway for our dispersed and busy family from NYC, California and Seattle. A priceless opportunity to reconnect and chill out in paradise. Everything was perfect the boat is magnificent.

Ewout is a fantastic and mellow captain. The cook Rak is superb and the crew, Chan, hard working and helpful. Our 5th cruise!

Peter and Patricia Ostrander
Spencer and Georgeana
Monty and Lindsey
Erik and Elisabeth

Thanks again!

Thank you to the Amadeus crew and for the beautiful days in the beautiful Southern islands

Giulia, Paola Garzoni, Marco Bianci

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